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Student Loan Offers Still Low Interest!

Student loans were created in 2001 by the Government of Hungary to provide loans to students who need some financial support for their studies. Over the years, the interest rate on student loans has not reached half of the average interest rate on other types of loans (eg personal loans). Until 2012, the amount of

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Non-bank loans – types and characteristics

    Non-bank loans are eagerly chosen by Poles. Their main advantage is the ability to receive them quickly – without unnecessary formalities and many visits to the bank. This is a type of loans that are granted by loan companies, i.e. financial institutions similar to banks, but operating on slightly different principles.   Non-bank loans are, however, divided

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Payday loan – conditions for granting and repayment

  Payday loan is a cash loan well known to all, which Palkom Bank has been offering for several years. The interest rate and commission are set individually, however, the loan is often covered by various promotions, which is why not only existing customers can benefit from it.  Payday loan – what can it be used for? According

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