Real estate loan: activity still rising, according to the WSG



The production of home loans continues to increase… This is what emerges from the latest survey published by the Francia Bank. The Credither Guide returns to the key figures of the study.

A growth rate… growing

A growth rate... growing

After the ” sharp rise ” recorded in August, the increase in the annual growth rate of home loans accelerated slightly a month later, from + 3.7% to + 3.8% (+ 3.3% in July). Result, outstanding for this type of credit reaches 893 billion euros. An increase in activity, which can be explained in particular by ” favorable borrowing conditions “. Understand: Real estate rates are historically low.

The production of new loans also increased: 23.7 billion euros in September, against 23.1 billion euros a month earlier. This market is especially boosted by the purchase of real estate loans. Their share represents 51.6% of new loans, compared to 30.4% in April 2016.

Mortgage rates also down

Mortgage rates also down

For the record, the repurchase of mortgage allows a borrower to renegotiate his loan to take advantage of possible low interest rates. And in recent months, bank rates have broken lower records, as shown by the latest figures released by the WSG:

  • An average interest rate on long-term loans of 1.68% in September 2016;

  • 1.72% in August 2016;

  • 1.78% in July 2016;

  • 1.85% in June 2016;

  • 1.98% in May 2016;

  • 2.10% in April 2016.

If he carries out the transaction with his bank, it is called credit renegotiation; at another institution, we are talking about repurchase of mortgage.

Since the beginning of the year, mortgage rates have declined by 65 basis points (2.33% in December 2015).

We remain on values ​​close barometers Credither Guide. Over long periods, average mortgage rates are 1.55% over 20 years, 1.80% over 25 years and 1.80% over 25 years.

Loan terms are higher in July. Households borrow on average 19 years (excluding renegotiation and repurchase of mortgage), five months more than a year ago.

And the credit sector as a whole?

And the credit sector as a whole?

The consumer loan market is more dynamic than the mortgage market with + 4.1% in September. Bottom: Growth is running out of steam (+ 5.7% in July, + 5.6% in August).

Overall, personal loan rates continued to rise in September (+ 3.9%), almost at the same pace as in August (+ 4.0%).


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